Game of Thrones Winter is Coming Beginners Guide



Game of Thrones is one of the most famous TV series in the world. There are millions of fans who loved this fantasy drama TV series which was based on George R.R. Martin’s best-selling book series “A Song of Ice and Fire”. What if there’s an official game for “Game of Thrones”?

Well, I’m going to tell you good news! There is an official game for Game of Thrones. Some of you may have heard of it. Some of you may have played it. And many of you may haven’t heard of it. “Game of Thrones Winter is Coming” is the official browser game developed by YOOZOO Games and officially licensed by Warner Bros.

Game of Thrones Winter is Coming Arya Stark Event
Arya Stark Event

This is an MMO game based on “Game of Thrones” (hereafter referred to as GOT) theme. Many of your favorite characters are available here. Basically, the main goal of the game is to form an Alliance, train troops, capture the Red Keep at Kingslanding to become the king of the seven kingdoms.

If you are a GOT lover, now you may have grown an interest to play this game. As I myself love this game, I thought of writing about my experience and knowledge about the game in my blog, to help others to enjoy the game.

This ultimate Beginner’s Guide of “Game of Thrones Winter is Comming” (now on referred to as GOTWIC) will be useful for beginners to start playing the game. However, when you first log in to the game, you will be guided through a tutorial to learn the basics of the game. I strongly recommend following this tutorial with patience, without skipping it!


Game of Thrones Winter is Coming Commanders

In GOTWIC we have our favorite characters available as commanders, including Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Arya Stark, Robb Stark, Jaime Lannister, and even Cersei Lannister. In the beginning, you get 2 commanders (they aren’t found in the series). You can gather more when you proceed with the game. Commanders play one of the important roles in the GOTWIC. Commanders can’t exceed the Lord’s Level (Lord? Yes, that’s you! You are known as the lord). You can collect Commanders;

  • At Weirwood – Elite mode
  • Special Events
  • Purchasing with special packs

At the start, you can participate in “Arya Stark Event” where you can unlock Arya Stark. This is a seven-day event you can easily complete without spending a buck. This is a topic that should be discussed in a separate post.


Game of Thrones Winter is Coming Weirwood
Weirwood Trials

Weirwood is the Commander battle arena. You have to battle with NPCs and collect items which can be used to upgrade your commanders. Using correct commander formation is a good practice. There are two modes in Weirwood; Normal and Elite. Elite mode is unlocked when you complete 1-18 battle of Normal mode. In the same way, to unlock a new chapter in Elite mode, you have to complete a chapter of the Normal mode. In Elite mode, you can unlock new commanders by collecting commander medals. I’ll explain more about this in a separate post.


As I said before, taking the Iron Throne is the main objective of the game. That can’t be done alone. For that, you should join an Alliance. You are able to join an Alliance when you finish Chapter 2 in the main quest. The alliance is like a clan or a guild, where you can attack Kingslanding together. But, that’s not the only advantage of joining an Alliance, you can get help from your Alliance members to reduce the time taken to finish research or construction. The number of members that can help you depends on the castle level. If you like you can create your own Alliance too.

Read about Alliance more

Relocate your Castle

Game of Thrones Winter is Coming Relocate Castle
Relocate Castle

You can relocate your castle where you like in the Westeros. if you like the North you can go to the North or if you like the Crownlands you can go there. For that, you need a “Precise Relocate” item which you get at the beginning of the game. The best practice is to relocate your castle near your alliance members. There are a number of game servers in GOTWIC. They are known as Kingdoms. What if your friends are located in a separate Server (i.e. Kingdom) and want to relocate your Kingdom. Yes, you can do this by using “Novice Transfer” item which you get free at the beginning of the game. But, you can use this option if your castle level is 5 or below. If your castle level is above 5, you can’t use this option.

Castle and Buildings

Game of Thrones Winter is Coming Castle

Of course, you have to build buildings and upgrade them as in many games. Currently, the maximum level of the Castle is level 25. You can unlock buildings when you are upgrading your castle. The maximum level of all the buildings is also level 25, except Iron Bank which can be upgraded to the maximum of level 9. You can follow the quest for upgrading buildings or else you can rush through the game upgrading your castle. It’s your choice. I’ll discuss this topic in a separate post.

Maester’s Tower

Game of Thrones Winter is Coming Maester's Tower
Maester’s Tower

Maester’s Tower is the place where you do researches. This building is unlocked at Castle level 5. This helps you to improve stats for different areas of the game like Defense, Attack, Resource Production, Expedition, etc. This is another important area in the game. So, always make sure there’s active research going on. This should be discussed in a separate post.


Game of Thrones Winter is Coming Barracks

Barracks are the place that you train troops. Troops are mainly used for PVP battle both attacks and defenses. Beside of battles, you can use troops to collect resources, attack rebel groups, rebel camps, and mobs. The best practice is to keep Tier 1 troops for collecting resources and train higher level troops for battles and defending your castle.


Game of Thrones Winter is Coming Quests

Well, there is 3 quest type in GOTWIC, Story, Main, and Alliance. Story Quest continues even after you reach Castle level 25. It’s a good thing to stick to the story rather than rushing to upgrade Castle to level 25. Every upgrade and research is rewarded by Main Quest. But, you don’t need to stick to this main quest. After you join an Alliance, Alliance Quests will be available for you to do. This quest takes 2 -15 minutes. More the time takes, more the reward is. However, when you reach VIP level 8, you can instantly finish the Alliance tasks.

Rebel Camps and Mobs

Game of Thrones Winter is Coming Rebel Camps
Rebel Camps

When you enter the world map, you can find Castles of others, resource sites, rebel camps, rebel groups, and Monsters. You need to join an Alliance and unlock specific researches to see those monsters. Attacking these monsters will give you special items which can used in Blacksmith to forge types of equipment (will explain in a separate post). You can attack rebel groups alone. To attack Rebel Camp you must at least rally one lord. So to attack Rebel Camps, you need the support of your Alliance members. We’ll discuss this topic in details in another post.

Shelter and Dungeon

The shelter is a building that you should not ignore. Why? Once you reach Castle level 10 or above, if an enemy player attacks you and defeats you, your lord can be captured by the enemy player. However, the enemy player must have unlocked Dungeon to capture you. Similar way, when you reach Castle level 10 and unlock your Dungeons, you can capture other lords by defeating them. But if you hide your lord in the Shelter, your lord can’t be captured. So make sure you keep your lord safe.

What happens when your lord gets jailed is, all you loose talent bonuses, gear bonuses, and buffs that apply to your lord. This is also a topic that should be discussed separately.

The Castle Siege

Game of Thrones Winter is Coming Castle Siege
Castle Siege

Castle Siege is an event where you can capture a castle that is located in the Seven Kingdoms. This is an event you should participate with your Alliance members. Currently, there are only 8 castles available to capture. They are;

  1. King’s landing
  2. Sunspear
  3. Riverrun
  4. Storm’s End
  5. Highgarden
  6. Casterly Rock
  7. Eyrie
  8. Winterfell

Each castle has different buffs that apply to the Alliance that capture it. Out of all of these castles, King’s Landing is special. Capturing the Red Keep makes your Alliance the ruling House of the Seven Kingdoms. Not only that, Red Keep gives more buffs than any other castle. There are other famous castles other than these 8 too. But still, they aren’t available for a siege. However, the game developers say they will unlock these castle for siege soon. The Castle Siege is the coolest and the most important topic in GOTWIC. So probably, this should be discussed in details in a separate post.

Start Playing GOTWIC

So, this is a very basic and quick overview as well as a beginner level guide for GOTWIC. If you are a GOT lover still want’s to live with Winterfell, Kingslanding, Iron Throne and the Characters you love, GOTWIC will be a great game to play. So give it a shot! I will post more about the game.

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