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Stability AI

  • Stable Diffusion is a pioneering text-to-image model that has been wildly successful.
  • Stable Diffusion 2.0 was entirely funded and developed by Stability AI.
  • Creating applications on Stable Diffusion’s open-source platform has proved wildly successful.
  • Mobile apps powered by Stable Diffusion were among the most downloaded online shortly after the release of Stable Diffusion 2.0.
  • The release of SDXL in April created further buzz, with its giant leap in aesthetics and prompt recognition.
  • The Stable Diffusion suite of image-generation models has amassed over 40 million users and counting.
  • Stability AI also released StableLM, the first of its suite of language models, and StableVicuna, the first large-scale open RLHF LLM Chatbot, in April 2023.

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