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Cloud Tutorial

What is Community Cloud?

Community Cloud is used to share the IT Infrastructure among group of organizations from a specific community. So that group of organizations can access the system and services which is managed internally or by third party. Advantages and disadvantages of Community Cloud is as follows;… Read More »What is Community Cloud?

What is Hybrid Cloud?

Hybrid Cloud is a fusion of Public cloud and Private Cloud. Hybrid Cloud is used to perform critical operations using Private Cloud while non-critical operations are performed using Public Cloud. Hybrid cloud also have advantages as well as disadvantages; Advantages Scalability & Flexibility – Hybrid… Read More »What is Hybrid Cloud?

What is Private Cloud?

Private cloud is hosted and operated only within a organization, and it can be managed internally or by third party. Only users within the organization can access the system and services. Let’s take a look what are the advantages and disadvatages of Private Cloud. Advantages… Read More »What is Private Cloud?