About Me

I’m Buddhi Kavindra Ranasinghe. I’m a Blogger, a Technology Evangelist. I started Buddhilive.com on 2nd of July 2015 to share news about latest product and platform innovations at Google. I have also share some useful open source projects through this blog.

In year 2019, my interest grew for machine learning and artificial intelligence. My attention draws towards music AI. Since the inception of Google’s Magenta Machine Learning library I thought of developing a tool that will help musicians to make music. This lead me to create  Tone Breaker and BL Studio, which are artificial intelligence based music tools. Since my interest for applying artificial intelligence for music production, now the blog is more focusing on this topic. Beside of that I’m actively researching and developing music composing tools with the help of Google’s Magenta Library.

“Buddhi” is a Sanskrit word which literally means “intelligence”. So as the founder I decided using “Buddhi Live” for this tool is appropriate.

Buddhi Live Studio is free!

Yes! Since I want to help everyone to experience AI generated music, I provide Buddhi Live for free. You can create music without limitations!

My Mission

My mission is to create an AI assistant that will hepl musicians to compose great songs. (I don’t want to replace musicians! I promise).

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