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JavaScript Chatbot Framework – Berkelium

Berkelium open-source JavaScript chatbot framework

Building a chatbot is becoming very popular these days. There are many frameworks and tools for developing chatbots. JavaScript is a popular language among many developers. So JavaScript developers prefer to use a JS library to build chatbots for their projects. Especially, when it comes to web, chatbots are really important for many web applications. So, the need of JavaScript chatbot framework is important.

Berkelium Journey

Two years back, I too faced this situation where I need a simple JavaScript chatbot framework for some projects. There were some libraries but they lack good documentation and the implementation was not simple. So I thought of working on a library that will resolve this issue. As a result I created BuddhiNLP library. At that time I had no idea that it will be useful. However, when few people got interested about it, I rework the library and developed @berkelium/nlp-core. The new library was build using ESModule syntax, but, later I found that, there are developers who wants to use the library in CommonJS syntax projects. So with support for both ESModule and CommonJS syntaxes, today I’m releasing Berkelium, the successot for @berkelium/nlp-core.

Berkelium Logo - JavaScript Chatbot Framework
Berkelium Logo

There’s no big feature added. Currently I added support for or both ESModule and CommonJS syntaxes. But in future the library will be improved furthermore. Yes, the library was renamed twice, since the previous version were experimental. Well, as @berkelium/nlp-core is quite hard to pronounce, I thought of simplifying it, thus renamed as Berkelium.

I’m happy to announce that we launched a dedicated documentation site for the library as well You can refer the documentation and start building your JavaScript chatbot right away. Moreover, we will be sharing tutorials on how you can use Berkelium in various cool projects. So stay tuned with Buddhilive Academy as well.

We appreciate your suggestions to improve this library. You can send your feature requests and any bug report to our github issue tracker.