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Launching BerkeliumLabs – OpenSource Machine Learning Projects

Two years ago, I created an open source chatbot library in JavaScript. That was as an fun project. But with time I saw it can be useful and thought of improving the library. With that, I thought of rebranding the project in order to give it more value and focus.

So today I announce the launch of Berkelium Labs. Here I will be sharing all my open source projects that will be useful for developers all around the world.

With initial launch, I rework on my previous chatbot library and republished it as @berkelium/nlp-core. You can find the documentation in

Note: @berkelium/nlp-core is succeeded by Berkelium. To learn more, read the official announcement: Take me to the announcement >>

I invite you all to try out the library and provide your valuable feedback. All your suggestions and feedbacks are really welcome.

Let’s travel this journey together!

Thank you!


Buddhi K. Ranasinghe

(Founder Berkelium Labs)