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Create No-code Mobile and Web Apps for Your Business with AppSheet


Create No-code Mobile and Web Apps for Your Business with AppSheet

Today every business is transforming to digitalization especially with this pandemic. When a business is transforming to digitalization, having their own applications to do specific tasks are crucial. And ability run these applications in all kinds of devices is important as well. Managing your business related data using such applications saves you time and let you do the job easily.

With this growing demand, there are many platforms that helps to create customized business apps. But wait, does this mean you need to know programming in order to create an app? Absolutely not! There are NO-CODE app builders in the market now! Among them Google AppSheet is a powerful easy to use platform. AppSheet was founded in 2014 and was acquired by Google in 2020 and integrated with Google Cloud and will be directly integrated with Google Workspace, which will replace G Suite. 

Google AppSheet Logo

If you were managing your organizations data in in Excel or Google’s Sheets, you can simply convert those spreadsheets in applications and then customize them in the drag and drop type editor. No coding involved! With AppSheet you can build Inventory Management System, Field Delivery app, Marketing Project Planner, Task Manager, CRM and the list goes on and on. There is so much room for ideas you can convert in to apps with Google AppSheet without writing a single line of code.

AppSheet provides plenty of functionalities including authentication, data partitioning, prevent misuse of data etc. Once you create your app you can distribute the app as an mobile app among your employees. 

Google AppSheet Sample Apps

To make thing easier AppSheet provides some common app templates where you can begin with. Not only that, Google provides a comprehensive guide to help you get started with AppSheet straight away. 

To use all the functions of AppSheet you must subscribe to one of its payment plans, but it also has a free version that covers the creation of applications or prototypes and up to 10 users for your app. The free version will be ideal for small business to start off on the right foot.

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