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Best Free Online Courses You Should Follow in 2021


Best Free Online Courses
It’s the beginning of a new year. You may have big goals and big dreams to achieve this year for sure. Career development and skill development are some goals you should have. To give you a little push to achieve that goal, I thought of sharing some useful FREE ONLINE COURSES that will help you to learn new skill or to develop your existing skills.
These courses are completely free! I have categorized those courses to in industries for your ease. Most of those courses are short courses which covers important topics of the particular skill. Most of those courses are offered in collaboration with industry leading companies like Google, AWS, Facebook etc.
At the end I have also listed some Nano Degree Programs (paid courses) which offer industry recognized certifications.

Web Development / Frontend / UI/UX

Android Developer

Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence / Data Engineering

Nano Degree Programs offer you real-world projects, technical mentor support, career services and flexible learning program that is tailored to your busy life. There are 6 main career paths you can select under this Nano Degree Program;

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