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Create Your Own Opera – No Music Skills Required!


Google Arts and Culture team has launched Blob Opera, a new machine learning experiment which was developed by artist David Li. It allows users to create their own opera music for this Christmas. With the tool, the user can guide the tone and sound of the vowels of the four Blobs, who are ready to transform musical ideas into beautiful harmonies. It is also possible to record the creation and share it with family and friends. Watch the video of Blob Opera in action!

The machine learning model behind this project was developed and trained in the voices of four opera singers to create an engaging experiment for everyone, regardless of their musical skills. Tenor Christian Joel, bass Frederick Tong, mezzo-soprano Joanna Gamble and soprano Olivia Doutney recorded many hours of singing to train this model. The interpretation of the machine learning model of what lyrical singing is, based on what it learned from opera singers. 

Create your own opera and share with your family and friends. Give it a try!