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Music with AI – Announcing BL Studio 4.0

You must already know how Artificial Intelligence is transforming many industries. One such industry which Artificial Intelligence is tremendously transforming is the Music industry. Music is something we all like. It is something related to emotions. Applying Artificial Intelligence to something emotional is very hard. But, with Machine Learning and Deep Learning, this is becoming an reality.
One year ago, we released our first version of BL Studio which is an AI powered music generating tool. BL Studio use Google’s Magenta, a TensorFlow based Machine Learning platform designed for Art and Music. Magenta provides useful APIs that can be used to generate some interesting music.
Time to time I did some changes and improved the experience of the tool. Starting from today, BL Studio 4.0 will be a collection of tools that helps to compose a song. Currently we are releasing the new Studio with one tool, but in the future, we will add more tools.
BL Studio is completely free and always will be. BL Studio will help music producers to generate new music ideas. You don’t need to be an expert in music to use BL Studio. So have fun. Learn how to use the tools available in BL Studio;
  1. Melody
  2. ToneBreaker