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Generate a Melody with AI – BL Studio Melody

Visit BLStudio from your browser (Chrome recommended). Go to Melody. Wait until the app initialized. Once the app is initialized, adjust the settings as you wish.
  • Enter your desired chord progression.
  • Change the variation. This indicate the variation of melody generated. 0.8 and 0.9 works better.
  • Enter the desired Steps per Quarter.
  • Enter the number of bars and tempo as you wish.
  • Then click on the Generate Button*
*Play Button, Stop Button, Generate Music Button and Download MIDI Button respectively. Initially only play button will be enabled. Once a music sequence is generated, other three buttons will be enabled.

Music generation process may take a little while. A notification will appear on the top of the screen once the generation is completed.
Generated sequence pattern will be displayed in the Sequence Pattern Canvas. You can play the sequence and listen. If you like the generated sequence, hit the “Download MIDI” button to download the sequence.
Import downloaded MIDI file to your favorite Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and add your own creativity to compose a complete song.
Continue the process to generate more sequences until you find interesting music sequences to start composing your song.