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Google Keen – AI Powered Pinterest like Service from Google

Google, one of the tech giants who dominated the internet has tried out many social networks. But they didn’t work quite well. But however, they aren’t giving up the fight. Area 120 which is a division that is dedicated for developing Google’s experimental products has introduce a new service called “Keen” which is a content curating service powered with Machine Learning. Keen is much similar to Pinterest. It helps you to bookmark and save your favorite links in more visually pleasing way.
Creating boards on Keen is little different. Rather than tagging things, you start to create a board with a search term. For instance, you can create a board named “How to cook chicken in Sri Lankan style” and add relevant links to that board. Depending on the boards you have created Keen is able to understand your interests using machine learning. You know Google is 99% good at recommending things based on your interests. You may have experience this with Google Ads. So once Keen identify your interests, it will recommend you similar contents.
Keen would be a great way to opt-out email updates you are subscribed to get updates on things that you are interested on. And Keen gives you chance to organize your favorite content in a presentable way. You can create private boards and public boards as well. You can invite your friends as collaborators to your board. You can follow other Keens as well.
You can sign up for Keen here and Keen is available for Android devices at the moment. You can log in to Keen using your Google account. The same Google wide Privacy Policy applies to Keen as well.
Keen helps you to organize content you are really “keen” about. And with Google’s powerful machine learning technology, you can discover similar content that you are really “keen” to follow. So give it a try. Start organize what you are “keen” about on Google Keen.