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Learn How to Develop Games with Zero Programming Knowledge

Almost everyone likes to play games. From a kid to grown up person, we all love play games. Sometimes you would like to make a game. But you may be wondering how to do. These free lessons are for you to learn game development within a short period of time. If you don’t have any programming experience, that doesn’t matter. You can develop simple but fun 2D games without knowing how to program.
GDevelop is a free and open source game engine that allows you to build 2d games for Web (HTML), Mobile (Android) and PC (Windows, Linux, Mac). To develop games using GDevelp you don’t need to know programming. It has a very simple but feature rich visual editor that helps you to build game logic easily.
Whether you are a student, parent, programmer or a hobbyist, learning GDevelop would be fun. Here are the tutorials we have created for you. We will be adding more tutorials in the future. So make sure to visit this page to find what is new.

Beginner Tutorials

  1. Game Development for Beginners with GDevelop
  2. Let’s add behaviors to Game Objects – GDevelop Tutorial
  3. Adding Animations Players – GDevelop
  4. Flipping Objects in GDevelop
  5. Moving Camera with the Player – GDevelop
  6. Adding Jump Through Platforms – GDevelop
  7. Adding Background Objects to the Game – GDevelop
  8. Adding Coins and Score System – GDevelop
  9. Adding Enemies to the Game – GDevelop

(more tutorials are coming soon)