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How to Monetize WebGL and HTML5 games

Many game developers who develop WebGL and HTML5 games are wondering how to monetize their game. Especially free to play model games. Small game developers find it hard to monetize their game. Usually displaying ads is the popular way of monetizing free to play games. But most ad networks do not support for web platform.
But, there’s a good news for you all. GameArter is providing a solution for this. They provide a free hosting for your game. They have a special ad network in their game distribution platform called Pacogames. And they provide a free SDK to integrate their various game services like;
  1. Providing Cross-platform SDKs (They have SDKs specially for Unity and Construct.)
  2. Hosting service with full connectivity all over the world
  3. Analytics of game distribution.
  4. Monetization options. (more features are listed in their website)

If you host your game on their platform using their SDK, they’ll share a portion of the ads revenue they get. This is a good option for developers who are new to game development and looking for an easy way to monetize their WebGL or HTML game. Not only that, they feature every new game in the home page of Pacogames for free. This is a great chance for new game developers to promote their game free of charge.
So if you are looking for a way to monetize your WebGL or HTML game, register to GameArter and follow their documentation to implement their SDK in to your game to monetize your game.
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