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A Website for Screening and Testing COVID19

Verily, a health tech company owned by Alphabet, has build a tool that will monitor the status of the Coronavirus in the U.S.
The website screen people who think they might have COVID19 and then direct them to verified testing sites. A spokesman at Verily said “We are in the early stages of development and plan to launch tests in the bay area, with the hope of expanding more widely over time. We appreciate the support of government officials and industry partners and we thank the Google engineers who volunteered to be part of this effort.”
Verily also said that the tool was originally intended for healthcare professionals and that the presidential announcement changed its course to become a public website.
Verily Life Sciences, which is a sister company of Google, is a research organization devoted to the study of life sciences. It was former a division under Google X. Later Sergy Brin announce Verily as an independent subsidiary of Alphabet Inc.