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What is Google Assistant

what is google assistant

The Google Assistant is google’s Artificial Intelligence powered virtual assistant launched in 2016. Now Google Assistant is taking over Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana. Google Assistant is available in almost everywhere. Not only on Google Home, Notebooks and Smartphones, but also on Refrigerators, IoT devices and Cars.

Google Assistant can help you control your smartphone and smart home devices, access your personal information, play music, shop online for you, book reservations for you, translate and many more tasks. Actually Google Assistant is exactly working as your personal assistant. So now, everyone can have their own personal virtual assistant with Google Assistant. As Google says “they made Google Search for everyone, but they made Google Assistant only for you!” This means Google Assistant is completely personalized for you. This may be the next level of Google Search.

Google keeps adding features to Google Assistant making it one of the major Google product. Recently Google added the Interpreter Mode feature which enables Google Assistant to translate a conversation in real time. This feature will enable travelers to travel anywhere in the world without facing any problem. Because you have your own translator with you.

This video which shows how Google Assistant has helped a boy with Duchenne muscular dystrophy  to make his life better. It is a heart touching video. Take a look!

You can understand how Google Assistant is shaping the future with the power of Artificial Intelligence. We will keep you posting about new updates about Google Assistant through Assistant Insider.