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Build Apps for Google Assistant with Actions on Google

what is actions on google
Well, we talk a little about Google Assistant in our previous article. In this Article we are going to give you a short introduction to Actions on Google. What are Actions on Google?

Actions on Google is a developer platform for developers to build 3rd party apps for Google Assistant. Google also unveil an Apps Directory for Actions on Google. Actions on Google allows for users to do things like book hotels, buy items, order pizza and many more. Developers can create actions for businesses to offer services through Google Assistant. With Google Assistant you can even play fun games, ask for jokes or riddles, and recite a poem etc. Actually Actions on Google extends the capabilities of Google Assistant. By visiting Google Assistant Apps directory, you can find out what kind of things you can do with Google Assistant.

Google is encouraging developers to develop high quality and useful apps for Google Assistant. Actions on Google allows developers to connect their own fulfillment services from the backend. And users have the chance to use a 3rd party service through Google Assistant without installing additional apps. This will be the future of App development and the future of offering services.

We hope to guide you through how to create Actions for Google Assistant through our website. By referring these tutorials you can create your own Action for Google Assistant and make it available for more than 1 Billion Google Assistant users.