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The Best SEO Tool and SEM Tool That You Should Know

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If you are looking for an online marketing tool to help you manage the SEO and SEM campaigns of your business or Startup, and to detect and analyze your competition, SEMRush is the best option.

What is SEMRush?

SEMRush is a great Growth Hacking tool to improve positioning and competitiveness of Startups or other businesses with an internet presence. It presents great features and advantages such as detailed reports of traffic to your site, the competition, keyword analysis, SEO audits etc.
Although in the name only the term SEM (Search Engine Marketing) appears, it offers all kinds of services and tools also for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
The tools of Growth Hacking allow us to increase the volume of users, sales or impacts of our brand or business in a fast and noticeable way. With these tools we can visualize the which areas has to be improved, and in which areas we are failing compared to our competitor.
At this point we must analyze the concept of competitive intelligence and its importance, since it is the model that follows the SEMRush platform.

SEMRush and Competitive Intelligence

SEMRush is a practical example of the use of competitive intelligence. But what is competitive intelligence?
Competitive Intelligence is defined as the process of obtaining, analyzing, interpreting and distributing intelligence about products, customers, competitors, and any aspect of the environment needed to support executives and managers in strategic decision making for an organization.
Competitive intelligence aims at the strategic decision making of the company, which is very important for any business or Startup. Competitive intelligence does not means copying what the competitor does, but it means analyzing what exists and improve it (continuous updating of processes). SEMrRush is very powerful in competitive intelligence.

Advantages of Competitive Intelligence

  • Provides valuable information for decision making
  • Anticipation of market trends
  • Analysis of the ongoing opportunities and actions to be taken to obtain the maximum results.
  • Identification of new opportunities
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What SEMRush is for?

SEMRush is a software for both online marketing professionals (specialized in SEO / SEM) and for less educated users in this field, which allows you to analyze and compare the data of your website with those of your competitors.
SEMRush has a lot of features, but we are going to focus on what I think are the most important features which are powerful than other Growth Hacking tools. The main goals of using SEMRush when you want to generate an SEM strategy for your business or Startup are;

Keyword search for SEO positioning

SEMRush helps to find interesting keywords for SEO positioning, providing keywords data such as search volume, cost per click or total number of results in Google searches that will help you to find the best suitable keywords for your website.

Allows you to study your main competitors  

SEMRush allows you to know some information about your competitors (number of visits they get from organic traffic, number of paid visits, number of Backlinks, etc.) as if we were seeing a basic relationship of the information that our competitor sees in his own google panel analytics. This is one of the coolest features SEMRush has.
And not only that, SEMRush let us know the competitors of our competitors. This allows you to find a greater number of keywords used by wide range of competitors. In this way you can get an idea of ​​the level of competition in the industry and which niches are more or less competitive.

Know the competitors of Keywords

It’s as simple as entering the keyword that best describes your business or Startup in the SEMRush search engine, and the advanced search shows you who are main competitors that use the keyword you entered.
Enter the web address of your competitor in the search engine, you can analyze the Keywords that generate traffic to your competitor and in what percentage they are doing it, how many times the keywords are been used, etc.
All this will help us generate our own online positioning strategy and improve our business.

Know the advertising strategies that your competitor uses

This tool also allows us to study the ads that the competitor is using for each Keyword ,what positioning they have, and what are their strengths and weaknesses in advertising etc. This allows us to launch a more powerful advertising campaign than our competitor.

Find new market segments

One of its most valued functions, is its great ability to find new Keywords, which are more transactional and with high potential for the positioning of your Startup or business.
This type of words can provide traffic with a high conversion potential (qualified traffic), that is, a greater percentage of potential customers at a much lower price than the general keywords for business positioning.
It is important to know and use the search filters offered by SEMRush to find the most profitable and interesting keywords for your business or Startup from the analysis of the competitor.

Why SEMRush?

SEMRush is one of the most complete professional SEM and SEO tool currently in the market. It is an ideal option to work comfortably and efficiently. It has a wide range of tools, which no other company provide.
And most important thing is, you don’t need to be an expert in SEM or SEO to use SEMRush. Its use is very simple and intuitive. It has a very attractive and intuitive design and user interface.
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It allows obtaining reports in great detail in which to extract information such as Organic searches and paid traffic (from Google Adwords) of any website. These are reports that summarize and provide an estimate of the monthly organic traffic (in the Google search engine), the number of keywords you have positioned and the specific amount of keywords for which you are paying, the cost of traffic to this website (what is paid to Google AdSense), the ranking that the site occupies at traffic level with respect to other sites in SEMRush, the ranking of its keywords by number of searches and level of positioning, Backlinks or inbound links to your website to obtain certain information such as the number of incoming links etc.
As you can see, SEMRush is an incredible tool for the analysis of competition and the positioning of your website. So what are you waiting for to use SEMRush? Try it and tell us your results and experience with this important online marketing tool.

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