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Google IO 2019 in Nutshell: Recap and Highlights of Google I/O 19

google io 2019 highlights

Google I / O 2019, Google’s annual developer conference, was held on 7th of May at Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, California. Google CEO Sundar Pichai, delivering the keynote, said that how they have improved Google’s search for Google to help people around the world solve things in their daily lives .
“We want our products to work harder for you – in the context of your work, your home, and your life. They all share the same goal: being useful to everyone, “Sundar said.

New privacy controls

A number of privacy and security tools have been announced across Google platforms and products.
With the news, users will be able to have more control and management over their data. Google announced incognito mode for Google Maps.

android q developer preview at google io 19

Android Q

Android, the most famous mobile OS which has more than 2.5 billion active devices in the world, reached its 10th version, Android Q. The developer preview for Android Q is available and you can checkout more details here.
With nearly 50 new features focused on bringing stronger privacy and security protections to the user, Android Q is the first operating system to support 5G technology and has also been created to enable to support folding screens.
Android Q will bring automatic captions to videos, podcasts, and audio messages in any application, without the need for a wifi connection or data usage.
Finally, Smart Answers will be present directly in your operating system notifications, including a prediction technology that anticipates your next steps, so when someone sends you an address, you just tap to open directly on Google Maps.

What’s new in Google Assistant

The new generation of the Assistant has gained a technological leap that processes the speech in the device itself in real time, even without connection to the network.
The new Assistant will allow you to perform several tasks at the same time using voice commands, from one app to another like creating an reminder for an event in the calendar, light the flashlight and compose an email. Likewise you can perform multiple different tasks using your voice all at a speed never seen before, with the help of Google Assistant.
The next-generation Google Assistant will be available on new Pixel phone models later this year – and we’re super excited to see users interacting with it.

google lens at google io 2019

Google Lens

With new Google Lens, you can just point the mobile phone camera at an object and search what you see. In a restaurant, just direct the camera to the menu and Lens manages to show the most ordered dishes on the menu.
Lens is also very useful when you are in a place you do not know well, where people speak a language that you do not master. With the camera pointed at the text, Lens shows the translation over the original words – and it is possible to do this in more than 100 languages.
From now on, the users can also point the camera at a text and the Lens reads the words out loud, helping the you to understand.
You can also click any word to see its definition. This feature is currently being launched on Google Go.

Augmented Reality in Search

The new Augmented Reality features in Google Search add three dimensions to your search results. It is possible to interact with 3D digital models like animals, body organs and spaceships.
The user can rotate them, zoom in and out the image, – see them in real world in actual sizes and dimensions.

More resources for parents in Family Link

Google introduced two features in the Family Link app, which will be available over the coming weeks. The first allows parents to determine specific time limits for different applications.
The new feature will help children make smart choices about using the gadgets. The second allows parents to use their own device to give their children more time, when they need to finish some activity or homework, for example.
Finally, Family Link will integrate in all Android devices – starting with Android Q.

google pixel 3a and pixel 3a xl

Pixel 3a: the new (and most affordable) Google smartphone

Google announced the Pixel 3a, the Google smartphone, which comes with a design that fits to your hand comfortably, and features an OLED screen that displays high definition images in vivid color.
In the United States, it is possible to buy the new Pixel 3a with 5.6-inch screen for price starting at $ 399, and the six-inch screen Pixel 3a XL starting at $ 479.
To ensure that Pixel 3a is not susceptible to threats, Google will offer three years of security and operating system updates.

Read more about Google Pixel 3a.

Watch the full keynote to see what to expect from Google in the comming Year: