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Free Music Generating Tool Powered by AI

Music Composing Artificial Intelligence

Research and Development in Artificial Intelligence is advancing in many fields like medical diagnosis, robot control, astronomy etc. Now this has extended to Arts and Music too. Arts and Music are related to human emotions, so you may think how and AI can draw a picture or compose a song. But with the advancement of technology, this has become a reality. You may be wondering what kind of music will an Artificial Intelligence make? Sounds scary? Well I think it in the same way until I came across Google’ Magenta Project , which led me to design Buddhi Live Studio (aka BL Studio) – The music composing tool powered by artificial intelligence.
Google Magenta Logo
Google Magenta Project
BL Studio is build using Google’s Magenta APIs. Magenta is a rich platform with very useful and interesting APIs for developing artificial intelligence base music and arts applications. My intention is to use these APIs and create a tool that is user friendly for musicians. Because musicians are not programmers. So they need and friendly interface to intervene with the powerful Magenta library.
The tool is completely free to use. Our intention is not to replace musicians with an Artificial Intelligence, it’s to create an assistant that with help musicians to compose great piece of music.
If you don’t have a idea for melody, Buddhi Live Studio will help you to have a music idea which you can develop with your own creativity. Even if you are not a musician, you can play with the tool and have fun enjoying the artificial intelligence generated music.
The tool is still young and need more developments to be done. So I invite you all to try the tool and enjoy it. And don’t forget to share your thoughts and suggestions about the tool. I would really appreciate your suggestions since that will help me to develop the tool further more.

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