Tone Breaker – an AI powered Digital Musical Instrument

You must already know how Artificial Intelligence is transforming many industries. One such industry which Artificial Intelligence is tremendously transforming is the Music industry. Music is something we all like. It is something related to emotions. Applying Artificial Intelligence to something emotional is very hard. But, with Machine Learning and Deep Learning, this is becoming an reality.
Google announced Magenta, a TensorFlow based Machine Learning platform designed for Art and Music. Magenta provides useful APIs that can be used to generate some interesting music.
Today I’m announcing the “Tone Breaker, an Artificial Intelligence powered digital musical instrument build with Majenta and Tone.js. I have used NexusUI and Material Design Lite to design the user interface of “Tone Breaker”.
Tone Breaker is a fun tool you can play with. Try generating interesting melodies and beats. Play and enjoy. Instructions to use the tool is provided right below the tool’s interface. I’m inviting you to give try on Tone Breaker and comment your thoughts just below this post. I would like to hear from you.