How to use BL Studio Melodica?

In this post we are going to show how to use Buddhi Live Studio Melodica tool.

The Interface

The main interface has five buttons and melody visualizing canvas. Initially five buttons are disabled except the blue color settings button. Click the Settings button to open the “Settings Panel”.
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The setting panel has one file uploader, two dialers, two drop down menus and a “SAVE SETTINGS” button.
Getting Started
Click on the settings button to open Settings Panel. Click green color “SELECT” button and it will open a “Open File Dialog Box” where you can select and upload your desired MIDI file. When the upload is done, the file name of the uploaded file will be displayed under the SELECT button. Then click the “SAVE SETTINGS” button to save the settings.
Now hit on the Auto Composer button to generate new music sequence. This may take sometime depending on the power of your computer’s GPU. Once the sequence is generated, it will be visualized on the Sequence canvas. (A notification appears below the screen to notify that the music sequence is generated.)
Now hit the play button to play the sequence. If you like it, hit the save button to download the sequence as a MIDI file. (file would be downloaded to the default download folder of your browser). Or if you are not satisfied with the sequence generated, hit the auto composer button again to generate a new sequence.
Settings Panel
You can change more settings to generate more variety of music. For that click on the Hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) in the top left corner or click settings button to open the setting panel. You can see two dialers named “Variation” and “Tempo”. The “Variation” dialer increase or decrease variations in the pattern generated. “Tempo” dialer increase or decrease the playback speed of the generated music.
Once you change the “Variation” and “Tempo” Dialers, hit the SAVE SETTINGS button and then hit the auto composer button to generate new sequences.
There are two drop down menus. Namely “Scale” and “Bars”. The scale menu changes the Scale of the generating melody sequence. Currently there are 14 Major and Minor scales. Bar menu determines the number of bars of the melody sequence. There only two options, 4 bars and 8 bars.
Likewise you can generate wide variety of music sequences using BL Studio Melodica.