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Gmail Celebrated its 15th Birthday

Gmail 15th Birthday

Gmail, the world popular free email service celebrated its 15 birthday on 1st of April. For Gmail’s 15th year celebration, Google has announced new features. Well that’s not an April Fool’s Joke.

Smart Compose

Smart Compose, released last year for desktop, is now available for Android operating system phones in Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese versions.
According to Google “Smart Compose is a feature developed with AI technology and helps save more than one billion characters per week. The tool also incorporates suggestions of titles for emails and personalized greetings for each user”.

Schedule Emails

Another new feature is the possibility of scheduling email sending time. This function is especially useful when working in different time zones, as it avoids sending messages at inconvenient times. 

Using AMP

Finally, Gmail also allows browsing and other activities without necessarily leaving the platform thanks to AMP technology.
“In its 15 years, Gmail has developed functions to meet users’ needs and facilitate their daily activities. Understanding the importance of continuing to deliver a safe and useful experience for people, Gmail will continue to enhance its capabilities and create those that are necessary to continue to deliver on its mission, “said Google.