Artificial Intelligence Based Music Tools You Should Try

We announced two Music tools that we created using Google’s Magenta Library. BL Studio was released recently with these two tools. BL Studio is a collection of music tools that are powered by artificial Intelligence. You can try these tools here. They are completely free to use!
When you first launch the web app, you can see a welcome page. There we have included two main tools under BL studio.
Melodica is our melody generating tool comes under BL Studio. You can generate melody sequences with power of AI and download the sequences as MIDI. Then you can import these MIDI files to your favorite DAW (aka Digital Audio Workstation) and apply you creativity to compose a beautiful piece of music.

Tone breaker was release before BL Studio was released. But we assign the AI powered digital music instrument under BL Studio’s tool set. You can learn more about Tone Breaker in our blog post here.