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Google Stadia – A Gaming Platform by Google

Google Stadia Wallpaper

Google has unveiled its gaming platform, the Stadia. Google Stadia will fully function in the Google Cloud infrastructure. Users can have instant access to games on any type of screen, whether it is a TV, laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone. The gaming platform will be available in selected countries such as USA, Canada, UK and part of Europe later this year.
“Stadia uses Google’s global data center network and frees players from the limitations of traditional consoles and PCs with its next-generation platform,” says the Google Stadia team. The team also stated “In addition, the platform also allows developers to access almost unlimited resources to create the games they’ve always dreamed of.”
Google Stadia Controller
Google Stadia Controller
Data centers around the world will make the Stadia possible, as well as allowing integration with other Google services. “If you want to watch one of your favorite creators playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, just hit the ‘play now’ button and then you’ll be racing through ancient Greece in your own game – no downloads, upgrades, patches and installations “Says Phil Harrison, Vice President and General Manager of Google Stadia. It includes a button to capture, save and share the gameplay in up to 4k resolution and also comes equipped with a Google Assistant button and built-in microphone.
Looks like Google Stadia will change the future of gaming. Will Google Stadia put an end to Consoles? Well stay tuned with us to receive the updates when Google Stadia is globally available.