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Made By Google: Google Hardware Event 2017 in Nutshell

Yesterday (4th October 2017) Google, the search giant unveiled their second generation of the Made by Google Hardware Product line, making Google a software company as well as a hardware company. Here’s an overview of new Google Hardware that will come within the next few months.

Google Pixel 2, A Phone by Google

Google has announced the second generation of Pixel line smartphones, which now have augmented reality capabilities and, of course, the best camera on the market.

Google Pixel 2 ($ 649), manufactured by HTC, comes with a 5-inch “cinematic” OLED screen in “Just Black”, “Clearly White” and “Kinda Blue” colors.

The Pixel 2 XL ($ 849), produced by LG, features a 6-inch screen, full screen content, available in “Just Black” and “Black & White” colors.

Both phones are equipped with Android 8.0 Oreo and come with an always-on display that lets you view notifications without having to tap the power button on and off.

With a score of 98 by DxOMark, the Pixel 2 has the best smartphone camera ever created, as well as working with machine learning technology that is capable of analyzing the images to make them sharper, clear and detailed in any light.

Google Pixel 2 will be the first device to get a preview of Google Lens technology that lets you discover things that are around.

Google has added a new way to enable Google Assistant on Google Pixel 2 called Active Edge, simply press the sides of the new smartphone so that the Assistant magically appears on the device screen. Pixel 2 also offers a more advanced version of the Assistant that helps you manage the settings and applications on your phone.

Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are water and dust resistant with IP67 certification. They also feature fast charging (15 minutes of charging offer up to seven hours of use) and monthly security updates.

If you are an iPhone user and want to migrate to Pixel 2, special software lets you copy contacts, applications, messages, photos and even messages from iMessages to Pixel in 10 minutes or less.

Google Home Max and Google Home Mini

Google introduce two new members to Google Home family, Google Home Max and Google Home Mini.

Google Home Max delivers high-quality sound through dual 4.5-inch woofers and its Smart Sound feature offers a new audio experience powered by artificial intelligence, which automatically adapts to the environment and user preferences. Max supports Bluetooth and auxiliary port that allows you to connect to other devices like the TV audio output or even a DJ desk.

Google Home Mini is designed to compete with the Amazon Echo Dot. Google Home Mini is a smaller and more affordable version of Google Home that lets you place it in every corner of the house.

New Google Daydream View with High Performance Lenses

Google has announced a new version of the Daydream View virtual reality device that now has sophisticated new lenses and is even more comfortable than the previous generation.

Daydream currently has more than 250 content developed specifically for the device, including productions by artists such as Ed Sheeran and the new “TRVLR” series , produced by Discovery VR.

Google Clips, the Google camera with artificial intelligence

Google surprised announcing the launch of a lightweight and portable camera with machine learning technology that is capable of recording small clips.

According to Google, “Clips look for stable, clear scenes from people you know. You can help the camera learn who is important to you. “

The camera can also be used manually by means of a front button, which allows you to record at any time, whenever you want.

The clips are synced wirelessly to the Google Clips app for Android or iOS and can be stored unlimited for free in Google Photos.

Google Clips will be released in the US for $ 249 and works on Pixel (recommended), as well as Samsung S7 and S8 and iPhone (6 or above).

Google Pixel Buds, Wireless Earphones with Assistant

Google has announced its wireless headsets, equipped with the Google Assistant virtual assistant.

According to Google, “We’re introducing Google Pixel Buds. These wireless headsets are not only great, they’re perfect to use and carry, they offer help from the Google Assistant and they have some extra intelligence so you can get the answers you need while keeping your eyes straight, “.

Pixel Buds work on both Pixel and any Android smartphone with version 7.0 Nougat and above. Just bring them closer to the device to connect them automatically.

Google Pixelbook, Google’s premium Chromebook

Google announced its notebook, the Pixelbook, a high performance hybrid Chromebook that brings the search engine back to the world of notebooks.

Pixelbook offers a 12.3-inch touch screen, Intel Core processors, and weight of only 1.1 kilograms. It even has backlit keyboard that allows its use in dark environment.

Pixelbook comes with premium hardware; speed, simplicity and security of Chrome OS; Google Assistant intelligences; and all your favorite apps on Google Play.

The model is the first notebook computer with a dedicated Google Assistant key, plus a Pixelbook pen without delay makes the experience of use more dynamic.

Available in three configurations,processor (i5 or i7), memory (8 or 16 GB) and storage (128, 256 or 512 GB).

The Pixelbook Pen will have an extra cost of $ 99.