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Follow Button on Google Search Threaten Facebook

Google announced a new feature for Google Feed / Now, which is now much more informative for users. Google will allow you to follow things like movies, sports teams, music artists and celebrities with a new Follow button that will appear in search results.
With the help of machine learning algorithms, Google Feed will now deliver related content within the Google Feed panel, allowing you to stay connected to your subjects of interest.

By allowing users to follow topics of interest to the search, the Search giant has found a way to keep its users up to date without having to follow other people or pages.

That means that those who do not like Facebook or Google+ itself, because of the nature of social networking to bring random posts, can now follow their favorite subjects without any noise.

The update is available for Android (Google Now Launcher and Pixel Launcher) and iOS devices. The “Follow” button will be released globally in the coming weeks.