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Five Tips to Plan Trips with Google Trips

Google Trips for Android and iOS was launched to help you organize your trips without any burden. Google Trips has interesting features that allows you to plan your vacation. Let’s take a look!
  1. Share and keep track of your reservations in one place: Share all the reservations for your trip with friends and they will receive reservation details via Gmail. They also can see the details in the app too.
  2. Stay on top of last-minute changes: Google Trips lets you quickly update and add new details for flight, hotel, car, and restaurant reservations.
  3. Catch a train or bus to your next adventure: Book your train or bus and Google Trips will automatically organize all your train and bus reservations.
  4. Follow the wisdom of the crowd for some travel inspiration: Google Trips help you decide where to go next based on popularity popularity for travelers.
  5. Download your trip before you go: Google Trips works offline. So you can download your trip details and access it any time without internet.