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What is Google Location Services API?

There are many location based applications that we use in our day to day life. They are very useful to make our lives easier. For example, Uber, which help you to book a taxi nearby and get a ride at a lower rate than normal taxi. Google Location Services API helps developers to get location of the users to make such apps.
Using the package “android.location” is another way to get the location. it is available since Android was first introduced. In this, the package get the location using satellites and based on nearby cell towers. This API is works very slow and sometimes doesn’t give the accurate location.
But Google Location API provides accurate location. Not only that, it consumes low power. It determine location immediately based on most recent known location. It is faster than “android.location” API.
If you need to learn how to use Google Location Service API, I recomend to read “Android Developer’s Guide to the Google Location Services API“.