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Xiaomi Mi Mix – The Smartphone of the Year 2016?

Image Credits: Android Central
Xiaomi is introducing a new smartphone with new look and new technology. The “Xiaomi Mi Mix” a smartphone design by French designer Philippe Starck for Xiaomi. It’s front looks like a slab. You can notice that there is no ear piece. Mi Mix uses cantilever piezoelectric ceramic acoustic technology instead of traditional ear piece to transmit sound. Instead of traditional proximity sensor, Xaomi Mi Mix uses an ultrasonic distance sensor. And the other weired thing is the 5MP front camera is located at the bottom of the phone.

Other than these features Xiaomi Mi Mix has a Snapdragon 821, up to 6GB RAM, up to 256GB storage, 16MP rear Camera and 4400mAh battery. According to Xiaomi, Mi Mix will be available for sale in Chinese Smartphone market in the next month. The Xiaomi Mi Mix will cost around $590.