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Google Allo – The New Messaging App Released!

Google finally released their new smart messaging app for Android and iOS, “Google Allo“. Google Allo is the Google’s messanging app that will directly compete with Facebook Messanger and Apple iMessage. According to Google, Alla helps you to “say more and do more right in your chats”. This is because Google Allo is integreted with Google Assistant, the AI introduced by Google. Let’s see what makes Google Allo more than a chatting app;
Smart Reply – This feature helps you to respond quickly for messages with just a tap. For instant, think if your friend send a message asking “Are you at home?”, then the smart reply suggest you some replies “yup”, “nope” etc. Then you only have to is tap on the reply that is suitable for the situation. Not only that, imagine your friend send a image of his/her baby, Allo suggests replies like “Aww!” or “So cute!”. This helps you to reply for messages when you are in a rush.
Have a chat with Google Assistant – In Google Allo, you can have a chat with Google Assistant. You can ask questions from Google Assistant and it will provide appropriate information from the web. you can call Google Assistant by just typing @google in a chat. You can get answers for everything like news, weather, traffic, sports and even upcomming flight tickes! Not only that, if you are bored, you can ask Google Assistant to recite a poem, do a joke or play games.

Incognito mode chat – Chat in incognito mode helps you to have more privacy in a conversation enabling end-to-end encrypted chats using Transport Layer Security (TLS) Technology. You can set your messages to disappear after a certain period of time in Incognito mode.


Express yourself with photos, emojis and stickers – As usual in many messaging apps, you are free to use photos, emojis and stickers out of more than 25 sticker packs, within your chat.
Wach the official Youtube video about Google Allo to explore more.