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Google Doodle Fruit Games 2016

Google is heavily promoting Rio Olympics on their search engine. Google has introduce a small game for Google App on Android and iOS known as “Google Doodle Fruit Games” to bring fun in this Olympic season. All you have to do is install Google App on your Android (already installed in Android deveices) and iOS device and run the app. Click on the Google Doodle to load “Google Doodle Fruit Games”.
“Google Doodle Fruit Games” consist of severel games like coconut BMX, apple water polo, blueberry golf, lemon swimming, grape hurdles, pineapple tennis, strawberry running etc. The games are graphically simple and uses controls like tap, swipe or tilt. Type of Control change depending on the game. Find more at
Try “Google Doodle Fruit Games” on your mobile in the Rio Olympics season!