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Games on Google Search Results

Google have added two games to the Google search results for keywords: “Solitaire” and “Tic Tac Toe”.
Google, the search giant proves Google search system is not for just research and find solutions for practical issues but also for fun.
To play these games on Google Search results, only you have to do is, go to Google Search (on your desktop or mobile device) and type “solitaire” to play Solitaire card game or “tic tac toe” to play Tic Tac Toe and press enter. You can see the game appears as a small widget with the search results.
For Tic Tac Toe there are three types of difficulties: Easy, Medium or Impossible. If you want to play with a friend, just choose the option “Play with a friend.” For Solitaire there are two difficulties: Easy and Hard.
While you are Googling, just try these games and have fun! Watch the following video to see how these games work. (You may also enjoy reading: Hear Animal Sounds on Google Search)