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Fuchsia OS – a New Open Source OS from Google

There’s rumor that the search giant, Google is developing a new open source Operating System for PCs and Smartphones.The code name of the operating system is “Fuchsia”. The Fuchsia project’s GitHub Page says “Pink + Purple == Fuchsia (a new Operating System)”. Well, that doesn’t make any sense, right? Yes, still there’s no any official sufficient information about the project. There’s only very few information about the Fuchsia OS project.
The OS is based on Magenta Kernel based on the LittleKernel Project. Magenta is improved to work on embeded devices, smartphones and desktop computers. For the UI, Google is using Flutter and Escher to make Material Design UI for Fuchsia OS. Google’s Dart Language is the primary language that is using in Fuchsia OS while there’s support for Google’s Go Language as well.
Why is Google secretly developing a new OS for smartphones and PCs when Google got Android and Chrome OS already? Well, it is still not clear why? We can only guess about it at the moment.
Some times Google may use this OS for its IoT (Internet of Things) devices such as Google OnHub router, Google Home etc and its virtual reality devices.
One day, Google may replace Android and Chrome OS with Fuchsia OS. But, I can keep much faith on that fact.
Perhaps, Google is just doing a experiment and Fuchsia OS which Google won’t release as a commercial product. So still it is unclear about the future of Fuchsia OS. Let’s wait and see what is Fuchsia OS is upto.