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Google Tilt Brush – Paint in a 3D Environment

For many years, digital art offers new opportunities for creativity, opportunities that go well beyond those good old pencil and paper. Tilt Brush, a new virtual reality application (VR) is part of this history, and you can consider painting from a whole new angle. The application is now available on HTC Vive.
With Tilt, you can paint in a three dimensional environment. Just choose your colors and brushes: The room in which you find yourself is like a blank canvas. You can walk to the heart of your accomplishments as you design them. And as it comes to virtual reality, you can even use improbable materials as fire, stars and snowflakes.
Google reports that they have offer Tilt Brush for few artists in The Lab at the Google Cultural Institute in Paris, to explore new interactions between Art and Technology. “Of street artists around the world and from various disciplines came to try the experience of VR and discover, for the first time, their style in 3D” said Andrey Doronichev, Group Product Manager, Google VR.