Google Cloud Platform is ready to compete with Other Cloud Services

Sundar Pichai

Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai claims Google Cloud Platform is strong enough to compete with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure in the cloud market. Google Cloud Platform is the third large Cloud Computing Company. Google is renowned for inventing many cloud computing technologies. Google is born in the cloud and lives in the cloud, so cloud computing is in their blood. According to Sundar, 2016 will be the year where Google Cloud Platform rise in the industry. Google hired Diane Greene, the former CEO of VMware to achieve this goal.

Diane Greene

Google claims that Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is 15% to 41% cheaper than Amazon Web Services (AWS). Google have made massive price reduction to fight with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Now this is leading to a price war. Anyway that will be more beneficial from end customer’s side.

However Google have a strong base in the cloud where they can give a head to head challenge to the other two leading cloud service providers i.e. Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure


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