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Android N Rumors

All Android fans are waiting for the new Android N version. There are many rumors about Android N are circulating throughout the internet. We can expect Google will launch Android N at Google I/O Conference 2016 which is schedule to start on May 18. There are cool discussions about the next sweet name that will be used for Android N or Android 7.0. Some say Google will use “Nougat” for Android N while some guess Google will use popular brand name “Nutella” similar to usage of “KitKat” brand name for Android 4.4.
Google announced that they will switch to OpenJDK from Java in Android N version. There are some rumors about new features that will come with Android N.

App Drawer will be removed

Android N will come without App Drawer. In iOS, when you install a new app, the app icon is added to the homescreen. Similarly in Android N app icons will be added to homesreen when you install new app.

Welcome to Split Screen

Android N will come with split screen feature to improve tablet expierience. Split Screen will allows you open two apps side-by-side at once for multitasking.

Chrome OS integration

Android and Chrome OS will be merged allowing Chrome OS and Android compatibility in Android N.

New Messaging App

Google will introduce a new messaging app replacing Hangouts Messageing App. The new app will use the  Rich Communications Services (RCS) platform allowing texting, talking, video chat, file sharing etc.