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What is Private Cloud?

Private cloud is hosted and operated only within a organization, and it can be managed internally or by third party. Only users within the organization can access the system and services. Let’s take a look what are the advantages and disadvatages of Private Cloud.


  1. Higher Security and Privacy – Unlike Public cloud, private cloud is not available to general public. All the resources are shared within an organization only. Therefore private cloud has high security than public cloud.
  2. More Control – Since private cloud is managed within an organization, it have more control on its resources and hardware.
  3. Cost and Energy Efficiency – Although private cloud resources are not cost effective as public cloud, it is more efficient than public cloud.


  1. Restricted Area – Since private cloud is available for access localy, it is much difficult to access globally. Simply, private cloud is not ‘location independent’.
  2. Inflexible Prices – Organizations have to bare more cost to purchase new hardware when public cloud is expanding to fulfill the demand.
  3. Limited Scalability – Scalability of private cloud is limited to the capacity of internal hosted resources.

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