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What is Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas)?

Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas), earlier known as Hardware as a Service (HaaS) is a cloud platform where customers can outsource IT resources such as a servers, networking, processing, storage and other resources and services such as Virtual Local Area Networks (VLAN), Load Balancing, Software Bundles etc. Customers can access these resources through the Internet.
By using IaaS cloud service model, customers can choose CPU, Memory and Storage according to their need. So customers can easily own a super computer features on demand. Since IaaS platform is maintain by IaaS platform vendors, customers don’t need to worry about maintenance.

Google Compute Engine (IaaS)

But IaaS depends on your internet connection. If your internet connection fails, your business will be hault for a while. Customers must depend on limited customization options provided by IaaS platform vendors. If any failure occurs from the vendors side too will interrupt your business. The most important thing is IaaS vendors can access your sensitive data, study their security and privacy policies and make sure your sensitive data is secured with them. It is advisable to work with reliable companies like Google, Microsoft or Amazon.