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What is Hybrid Cloud?

Hybrid Cloud is a fusion of Public cloud and Private Cloud. Hybrid Cloud is used to perform critical operations using Private Cloud while non-critical operations are performed using Public Cloud. Hybrid cloud also have advantages as well as disadvantages;


  1. Scalability & Flexibility – Hybrid Cloud have scalability and flexibility features of both public cloud and private cloud.
  2. Cost Efficiencies – Hybrid Cloud have the benefit of cost effectiveness that is available in public cloud.
  3. Security – Hybrid Cloud owns the security level that the private cloud has.


  1. Networkin Issues – Since Hybrid Cloud uses both the public and private cloud technology, networking becomes very complex.
  2. Security Compliance – Organizations must ensure whether the cloud services they use are compliant with their security policies.
  3. Infrastructural Dependencies – IT Infrastructure redundancy should be ensureacross the data centers, because Hybrod Cloud is depending on internal IT Infrastructure

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