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What is Google Cloud Platform?

Google Cloud Platform is the Cloud Service provided by the search giant Google. Google Cloud Platform provides a package of cloud based services which allows you to create simple websites to complex applications. Some of the major Cloud Services provided by Google Cloud Platform are as follows;

  1. App Engine – Fully managed Platform as a Service
  2. Compute Engine – Infrastructure as a Service
  3. Container Engine – Docker containers powered by Kubernetes
  4. Cloud Storage – Durable and highly available object storage service.
  5. Cloud Datastore – Schemaless database to store non-relational data.
  6. Cloud SQL – Fully managed relational MySQL database.
  7. Cloud Bigtable – The world reknown database that powers Google is now available for you!
  8. BigQuery – Analyze Big Data in the Cloud with BigQuery

There are many more services that are offered by Google Cloud Platform. You can learn more about Google Cloud Platform (GCP) from GCP official web site