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The Best Linux Distros – 2016

Distros is the name use for operating systems based on linux kernel. Linux distributions are available for all kind of diveces. Linus Torvalds is the founder of Linux. Since the first release in 1991 Linux has become stronger during the past decade. There are many operating systems made based on Linux Kernel. The best distros of each category is mentioned below;

  1. Best Comeback Distro: openSUSE
  2. Most Customizable Distro: Arch Linux
  3. Best-Looking Distro: elementary OS
  4. Best Newcomer: Solus
  5. Best Cloud OS: Chrome OS
  6. Best Laptop OS: Ubuntu MATE
  7. Best Distro for Old Hardware: Lubuntu
  8. Best Distro for IoT: Snappy Ubuntu Core
  9. Best Distro for Desktops: Linux Mint Cinnamon
  10. Best Distro for Games: Steam OS
  11. Best Distro for Privacy: Tails
  12. Best Distro for Multimedia Production: Ubuntu Studio
  13. Best Enterprise Distro: SUSE Linux Enterprise / Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  14. Best Server OS: Debian / CentOS
  15. Best Mobile OS: Plasma Mobile
  16. Best Distro for ARM Devices: Arch Linux ARM