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Run Android on Your PC – Remix OS

Image Credits: Jide Technologies

Android is the most popular mobile OS in the world. Android is now available for mobiles, tablets, Televisions, Wearable like watches and cars. But what about PCs? Isn’t it cool to run Android on your laptop? Yes. So now it is not a dream anymore. Remix OS is the solution for that. Remix OS is a forked version of Android Lollipop made by Jide Technology.

Jide Technology is founded by three ex-Googlers with the intension of opening doors for Android world for a new computing era. The co-founders of Jide company say “We are not a company just building products to sell. We are about building products that have the potential to change the world. We are not a company only interested in the bottom line. We are interesting in removing barriers to access of information and technology. PCs have dominated the computer industry for almost 30 years now. We believe it’s time for a change. We want to change the world through Remix OS. This is our time.”

Remix OS will be available for download on Jide from 12th January 2016. The minimum system requirements need to run Remix OS is a USB 3.0 flash drive that supports FAT32 format, with a minimum capacity of 8GB and a PC with USB legacy boot option. Remix OS supports almost all the popular apps on Google Play Store. So you can enjoy many cool Android apps on your PC. Most exiting thing is Remix OS supports well Microsoft Office for Android.

Remix OS also support popular key board short cuts, right click option, Start menu, System tray, drag and drop, file manager, multiple windows, resizable windows, maximize/minimize option etc similar to Windows. Therefore it is very easy to adapt to this new OS.

You also can use Remix OS as a light weight portable OS by just carrying it in a USB 3.0 flash drive. Since all the apps you install are copied to the USB drive you use to boot the system, you can access all your files even on a device that is not belong to you.

Remix OS is what Chrome OS Should be. Although Google trying to rebuild Chrome OS to support Android apps, this three ex-Googlers where able to achieve that goal with Remix OS. Jide hope to release a Android Marshmellow version for Remix OS too.