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History of Cloud Computing

The origin of Cloud Computing is unclear. As cloud computing is internet based service, we can assume that the origin of Cloud Computing starts with the usage of internet. Actually internet and cloud computing is network or a part of internet. Anyway there’s a point which we can believe where the concept of ‘Cloud Computing’ came in to existance for the first time. That is the idea that was suggested by John MacCharty in a speech at MIT in 1961. He suggested that computing can be dilivered as a public utility similar to electricity and water. This marvelous idea should have influenced for the development of Cloud computing concept and technology. pioneered the journey of cloud computing by delivering enterprise applications via a simple website in 1999. Later Amazon join the journey introducing Amazon Web Services (AWS) in 2002. Another milestone was the introducing of web-based enterprice applications by Google in 2009, which is konwn as Google Apps (Docs, Sheets, Slides etc). In 2009, Microsoft joined the cloud computing world by introducing Windows Azure (now Microsoft Azure). Google Cloud Platform was born in 2008 with the launch of Google App Engine. In 2011 IBM launched IBM SmartCloud and in 2012 Oracle launched Oracle Cloud.