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Google Custom Machine Types

When you are creating a VM on the Cloud, all major Cloud Service providers allows only to purchase vCPU in powers of two. That means if you actually need 6 vCPUs, you have to purchae 8 vCPUs. This makes you to spend more money unnecessorily on vCPUs. But now, you can create virtual machines even with 1 vCPU on Google Cloud Platform. So now you are able to select the number of vCPUs from 1 to 32 as per your workload letting you create your VM for the best price. This is known as “Custom Machine Types”.

Google says, currently Custom Machine Types are available in beta and only support for CentOS, CoreOS, Debian, OpenSUSE and Ubuntu. Google hope to give support for more Operating Systems in the future.

To learn more read the official documentation here.
Select you Plan using the pricing calculator here.