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Will Google remove Java from Android?

You may know that there’s a conflict between Google and Oracle for using Java API in Android. Although Oracle won the fight, Google tries to settle the matter. But if Oracle keeps swinging on Google, there’s a possibility of removing Java from Android. That means Google have to find an alternative language for Java.
There are several rumors about this. By the way the Google invented Go language is growing popularity among developers. Google keeps developing Go as a perfect language. And it is possible to write a complete Android app using Go language. Since Go is a Google own language, there’s a rumor that Go will replace Java in Android.
It is still not clear about the matter. Recently JavaScript also has gained a significant growth in building mobile applications. So sometimes Google may switch to HTML5 based apps. But most probability will be with Go.
However Google haven’t officially announce this. Google switch to IntelliJ based Android Studio from eclipse based ADT. Still Android uses Java. I heard a news that Google is going to stop supporting Java in Google Chrome. I don’t know whether Google is going to boycott Java.

Anyway if Oracle is strict with their decision, it’s better to find a new language to use in Android.